• Marché — If you don’t make it in for weekend brunch, at least grab a weekday lunch there. Healthy + delicious.
  • Mitchell’s Deli — Great outdoor patio, beer available, great deli sandwiches.
  • Mas Tacos Por Favor — Tiny mexican joint that is unbelievably good; cash only (ATM on site).
  • Nashville Farmers Market — Lots of great international food options.
  • Pinewood Social — This place is so unique: coffee shop, restaurant, bar, and bowling alley in one — definitely a place not to miss.
  • Otaku Ramen — If you haven't yet experienced the wonder that is real ramen, I think it's time. (And their hot chicken biscuit will change your life.)
  • Five Points Pizza — Feels like a NY pizzeria (which says a lot coming from a New Yorker). Garlic knots, beer, and large pies of fold-it-in-half pizza, with a walk-up window for late-night slices. 
  • Hattie B’s — Nashville is known for “hot chicken” — if you like spicy food, you should definitely try it! There are plenty of hot chicken places, but Hattie B’s is one of my favs. 

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