to everything there is a season

all the trees (small)


4 Responses to “to everything there is a season”
  1. faith says:

    Love it!!!
    Thanks for this perfectly timed reminder! There’s a lot of potential for stress and worry when your about to have a life altering experience, a third child! Mostly because I know what to expect and all the emotions or shall I say out of controll emotions and sleepless nights and days, the pain the months of adjusting… But I know I need to focus on the wonderful things like holding this tiny little surprise blessing and enjoying my bigger boys reaction and response to their long awaited baby brother :-) that will be best of all!
    Thank you! I need a print out of this!!!

  2. Yes! I needed to see this today! (Actually, I probably needed to see it last week when you posted it, but now is good too!)

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