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coffee talk: friendships

I know there are seasons in friendships. I get that there’s a natural, healthy ebb and flow in relationships. But sometimes things just seem to change. I’m not talking about a fight. Or a falling out. Sometimes you just sense a shift… something’s different… So,...
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coffee talk: golden rule

Doing unto others as you’d want them to do unto you is the best way to live. But… It can also¬†create the expectation that others will eventually return the favor and start doing for you as you do for them, and then bring disappointment when they don’t. How do you live in...
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coffee talk: authenticity & faith

As I wrestle with the risk of being more authentic, I’m struggling to find the line between authenticity and faith. I grew up in churches filled with happy, plastic Christians. They answer “How are you?” with “I’m blessed!” They don’t admit to being...
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coffee talk: wedding protocol

I’ll be in Sacramento next weekend for my friend’s wedding. (Holla if you’re in the neighborhood!) Here’s the thing: This will be the first American wedding I’ve ever attended. Crazy, right? Living an ocean away means I’ve missed every friend’s wedding...
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coffee talk: safety

What makes you feel safe with someone?