lessons from virgin oil

You're probably familiar with the story. Jesus told it. Ten virgins were waiting for the groom to arrive; five were wise enough to have oil in their lamps, five were foolish enough not to.

All ten showed up seemingly ready. From the outside, they all looked prepared. Only someone who knew what was going on inside those lamps would've known they weren't ready, would've known they were actually empty inside. There's always more going on than you can actually see. You need to look closer, dig a little, peek inside.

The foolish women tried to borrow oil from those that had some, but they couldn't. What someone else has will never be sufficient for me. I can't live off my husband's. My ministry's. My yesterday's. I need my own for today. And I need to get it myself.

How often do I show up with nothing to give? And what am I gonna do about it?